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He has his reluctant hero sail from Joppa and encounter a storm.

Cast overboard somewhere out at sea, the big fish is a literary device to get Jonah back to Joppa, from where, more enthusiastically, he can set out again for the big, bad city of Nineveh.

In fact action of this kind ought not to be called deceit, but rather a kind of good management, cleverness and skill, capable of finding out ways where resources fail, and making up for the defects of the mind ...

And often it is necessary to deceive, and to do the greatest benefits by means of this device, whereas he who has gone by a straight course has done great mischief to the person whom he has not deceived."'Golden Mouth' John is notable for his extensive commentaries on the Bible which emphasized a literal understanding of the stories; the style popular at Alexandria until then was to acknowledge an allegorical meaning of the text.

After all, Jesus supposedly said: The whole point of Jonah was not about God’s ability to conjure up man-swallowing fish; it was that Yahweh loves even the depraved folk of Nineveh (and their cattle).

The 6th century BC scribe who wrote Jonah used the name of a prophet mentioned in 2 Kings to make a point about the worthiness of evangelising to the heathen.

a lie out of necessity, a useful lie, a helpful lie, such lies would not be against God, he would accept them."The Donation of Constantine – 'Without doubt a forgery...' Catholic Encyclopedia A two-part document purporting to be from the first Christian emperor to Pope Sylvester I (314-35).

Thus, in the Gospel of John, chapters 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 are almost one continuous verbatim monologue – all three thousand six hundred words of it!

'The forgery of pious documents of every imaginable character was among the most constant and zealous activities of the holy propagandists of the Christian Faith, from the beginning to the critical era when forgeries were no longer possible or profitable.' "Unsigned works are a peculiar Christian phenomenon, in works with a dogmatic, apologetic, and propagandistic aim – in other words, works already suspect, and thus made even more so by an author's anonymity."Would the partisans of Christ have set out deliberately to lie?

Were they such barefaced charlatans that they concocted falsehoods and deceits merely to advance themselves and their designs? They may well have been believers, in that they held to a certain faith.

And this all before they became the custodians of power and had real reasons for lies, inventions and counterfeits.

As we shall see, god’s immutable laws became as flexible as putty."Many things have been inserted by our ancestors in the speeches of our Lord which, though put forth under his name, agree not with his faith; especially since – as already it has been often proved – these things were written not by Christ, nor [by] his apostles, but a long while after their assumption, by I know not what sort of half Jews, not even agreeing with themselves, who made up their tale out of reports and opinions merely, and yet, fathering the whole upon the names of the apostles of the Lord or on those who were supposed to follow the apostles, they maliciously pretended that they had written their lies and conceits according to them."'s gospel.

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APH is still committed to providing the highest quality products and services to “level the playing field” for people around the world who are blind and visually impaired.

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