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By dhamphir (Stargate: SG-1 Sam/Janet) Days and weeks spent exploring far away worlds, long nights spent working in her lab, weekends spent riding and tinkering with her bike, birthdays and anniversaries missed due to careless forgetfulness. She paused and listened for a few moments as Bo's voice joined Lauren's in apparent carnal delight. The scent, the feel against her skin, the sense of power that they gave her were a heady pleasure. By dhamphir (Stargate: SG-1 Janet) Janet was, by nature, a caring soul. She'd known she'd failed as you smiled and let go into the tumbling black.These are the battering rams that pound against the foundation of their relationship again and again. So I watch them leave and, turning back to the bar to nurse my drink, wait for her return. They were the very reason she had started riding a motorcycle — it was the only acceptable reason to wear them, according to her father. Her empathy coupled with her seemingly inexhaustible patience made her a good doctor, a good healer. It usually came not during the cacophony of an emergency, but during the quiet times, after the dust had settled and she knew her friends were no longer in danger. But that didn't mean she couldn't act out in subtle ways, pay back those "problem" patients when they got on her last nerve - with the stethoscope she kept in her office refrigerator. She did make love to Izzy, more tenderly and joyously than she could remember doing so in months. She knew you still had that part, from when harlot lips met soft pink and your souls echoed, a warped mirror in two jagged parts.By Jaina (NCIS Abby/Ziva) The first thing everyone thinks when they hear "double-jointed" is "ooh, sexy". How many guys have gotten a certain glint in their eyes when they heard it? By Jaina (Guiding Light Olivia/Natalia) Natalia is wearing a light cotton sundress in shades of blue and gold with thin spaghetti straps baring her shoulders that only serve to make Olivia want to push her fingers beneath them, slipping them off Natalia's shoulders. Instead, she chose to work in Runway's make-up department. You're coming." "But...but, Miranda, I've got..." She sputtered to a halt. She knew the answer Miranda wanted to hear, not the one she told people. On hands and knees, she crawled over the older woman and began trailing kisses down her neck. But, it wasn't her sexual appetite or her business savvy that made Olivia irresistible.Olivia reaches forward to take Natalia's hand; her feet are freezing. It's the middle of summer and the sun is pouring down on them. Her feet are still cold and the light in the room is so dim that she can barely see. "I do not remember giving you a choice." Once at the shoot, both women entered the trailer where the models changed. She would not —could not— lie to the elegant woman standing in front of her. Oh yes, this was a much better way to relieve frustration! She is out of control, but alcohol controls her too strongly. It wasn't her single-mindedness or her incredible endurance to her quests that made her so successful.They could think what they liked, but the only person whose opinion mattered was Lorraine, and she was the one person who didn't need to be told. but you're the only one I want, that I By dhamphir (Lost Girl Bo/Lauren) Growing up, Kenzi always knew her family would be considered anything but "normal." Her experiences on the street would be considered by most to be outside the definition of "normal" as well. They excited her, made her feel alive in a way that nothing else did. By Babydykecate (Bt VS Buffy/Faith) You kept a part of her inside you, from when you were forged from the same prophecy.She didn't know if Lorraine would ever be ready for a real relationship, but she'd suffer through the gossip and taunts if it would smooth the way for whatever the future might hold. And certainly no rational human would look at her current circle of friends - a succubus, a siren, a shape-shifter, and a fae king - and say her life was "normal." As she poured some milk into her bowl of cereal, a loud noise broke the silence. Sam always took her time putting them on, drawing out the ritual. Now her favorite thing about her leathers was the lustful look in Janet's eyes as she slowly peeled them off of her. In her first death was your calling, and in your almost death was her almost freedom.

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Not that she'd tell Christine that or any of the others.Jenny can't hold back the moan that spills out of her any longer. We're friends..friends help each other through the tough times. I DO care..I'm NOT going anywhere." Removing his glasses, Nigel lowered his head. She could tell it was a woman by the stature and the softness she felt as they danced closely together. Late in the evening, the pair walked to a small alcove almost completely hidden by heavy drapes.Ziva glances up, her hair falling away from her face, just long enough for Jenny to catch a glimpse of her infuriating smirk. Andy could only sob on the nattily dressed man's shoulder. So give..." "Spare me the false sentiments Andy..go home. Sitting on the bench, facing each other, Lily leaned into her partner. Miranda ran after her but the crowd slowed her movements. The trainer had her doing extra reps and she wouldn't have time to run home to change.It's an even better excuse to stay close - not that they need one lately. She loves being able to sit here in the warm sphere of Olivia's arms and turn and kiss her whenever she wants - safe and warm under their quilt. It wasn't just because of her unwavering support of Natalia's dreams.Olivia has been fairly doting on her since the moment she moved in - intent on pampering her and spoiling the baby as much as possible - even before she's born. By Jaina (Guiding Light Doris/Blake) "You're not going to blog about this are you? It was because Olivia could recognize, better than most, how little life meant without all of these things.

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Since her neighbor left for holidays, it made no trouble to break in her room having opened it with a stolen key.

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Similar and variant types were probably disseminated along East-West trading routes from Asia into the Middle East, The violin in its present form emerged in early 16th-century northern Italy.

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