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CHAPTER I.— Organization of the County II CHAPTER II.— County Buildings and County Seat 20 CHAPTER III.— Land Titles 24 CHAPTER IV.— Topography and Geology of County 42 CHAPTER v.— Notes upon the Seasons and Unusual Phenomena 48 CHAPTER VI.— Notes upon Natural History- Notice by Travelers 52 CHAPTER VII.— Lists of Public Officers 57 CHAPTER VIII.— Professional Lists— Legal and Medical 66 CHAPTER IX. Instead of spelling out the names, he gives only the initials.D., Leyden, portrait 289 Kellogg House, Lowville, view of 39^ Kellogg K. " But opposition soon began to arise and develop itself more and more.R., Turin, portrait 523 Weller Harvey, Lowville, portrait 421 West De Witt C, Lowville, portrait, (steel). facing 370 Whitaker Clemence, Martinsburgh, portrait 477 Whitaker Daniel, Martinsburgh, portrait 478 Whiting Dr. Henry W., West Turin 59° Allen Emory, West Turin 595 Arthur Bradford, Martinsburgh 470 Arthur Orlando, Martinsburgh 472 Boshart Charles D., Lowville 415 Botchford Henry J., Leyden 278 Bowen Farnam J., Lowville 391 Bowen Levi, Lowville 391 Burnham Joseph S. me so.' The Universalists did not fancy such a naked, unvarnished application of the tendency of their doctrines.

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— 1883- J * SYHil CITSE, N Y TRUAIR, SMITH & BRUCE PRINTERS awn BINDERS. — Agriculture — Lewis County Agricultural Society — Statistics of Ag- riculture — Statistics of Population — Political Statistics — Statistics of Taxa- tion 69 CHAPTER X.— School Statistics— Personal Men- tion 84 CHAPTER XL— Religious Denominations and Societies 95 CHAPTER XII.— Other Societies and Associa- tions — Temperance Societies — The Lewis County Anti-Slavery Society — Society for the Acquisition of Useful Knowledge — Masonic Associations — Odd Fellows Lodges — The Lewis County Mutual Insurance Company 107 CHAPTER XIII.— The Newspaper Press— Pop- ular Movements — The Patriot War m CHAPTER XIV.— State, Turnpike and Plank Roads — Mail Routes 116 PAGE. —Canal Projects — Steam- boats 128 CHAPTER XVII.— The M ilitia— Recent Militia Organization.s — The County Armory.... — Commemoration Celebra- tion — The National Semi-Centennial Celebration in 1826 141 CHAPTER XIX.— Lewis County in the Late War — Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors 143 CHAPTER XX —History of the Town of Cro- ghan 162 CHAPTER XXI.— History of the Town of Den- mark ,.. We will improve upon this by adding as many stars as REV. 103 there were letters, by the aid of which our younger readers will be able by a little inquiry, (and the older ones with- out,) to restore the names in full : — " In the course of these two years, 1832-34, I was called in the providence of God to attend a meeting of days in Turin, Lewis county, N. At that time there was no church of any denom- ination in the village.

I don’t even know whom I’m criticizing when I say, in teacherly fashion, that the work is promising but undisciplined; is that Jim’s fault, or Shanley the playwright’s, or Shanley the director’s?

(This is one of those cases that confirms the conventional wisdom of not directing one’s own work.) Another intelligence, not so in love with the author’s, might have helped him prune deadwood, focus the narrative, avoid the whirlpools of narcissism, and possibly even eliminate the interstitial narration that too directly pleads for indulgence.

Trying to climb that electrified fence has apparently shorted some of Shanley’s circuits.

Chalamet — tall, flat, floppy-haired, and dreamy-eyed — plays Shanley’s stand-in, Jim Quinn, a tortured smart-aleck misfit from the Bronx.

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You have lost, ask yourself what is the best thing that could happen, and what is the worst thing that could. If your daughter already, is wanting to date a black kid. I guess we (white) people are the ones with the problem! Actually you do see questions like that in black magazines all the time.

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