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She was becoming hot and after much whining she also carried of her swimsuit and went for a dip at the lake.

I really don’t understand why being naked is a crime if you’ve a designated location where it could be legal to be without your clothes.

After completing the paperwork we were off to our cabin.

We disrobed, grabbed our towels and stepped outside for our first ever nude in public experience.

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Some time ago my wife and I were discussing what we’d like to do and I said, “I wish we’d some property so we could run naked in the woods together”. Fast forward a few years and the subject came up again, but since we still did not own any property she said what about one of those bare spots (seems like she might have been thinking about this a little).

Since then, I’ve had many “naked experiences.” As much as I cherish each if them, they all go back to the day I first decided nudism was going to be a part of my own life and the nighttime I shared it with the love of my life.

I’m a better person for it — happier, more understanding, more accepting.

I’ll never forget the sensation of the first time nude in Lake Michigan. Nonetheless, after a while of sitting in our seats and seeing the scenery, I felt I really could take the following step. HD nudist movie spinning to keep content fresh and interesting–NEW! Following the children moved out to begin their own families, we began to be much freer with our clothing at home and we talked often about nudity and whether it was right or wrong according to Biblical standards. Evaluation of the Scriptures led us to the conclusion that just being bare, and being nude with others was not in conflict with our Bible. We still had not been able to go anyplace that let nudity.

I removed my swimsuit and was bare outside, other than my backyard, for the first time. -JLRMichigan After discussing a visit to Gunnison Beach here in NJ, my lovely wife and I chose to make the trip. We were both aware that it was ‘clothes optional’ and I understood that most people would be bare, but I believe my wife thought it’d be a 50-50 split (bare, partially nude). Simplified 1-page user interface–Over 800 HD clips for download, films that were different rotated in every month–200 fresh show added this season, with new movies–Many Member’s Place Clips remastered to 1024x720p/7Mbps HDCheck it A few seconds later, I stood up and took off my swim suit. Finally we had our opportunity one winter when we were on a Caribbean cruise. I had already found out that we could get day passes at a resort that had an Au Natural island. As soon as we arrived, we found two lounge chairs in a bright location. Like many others have said, it was so good to be naked. This summer we’ve traveled to three nudist clubs/resorts. My wife and I agreed that we should have done this earlier!

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Are you looking for a Bay Guardian story that was published before 2015? The print and online articles from the Bay Guardian newspaper and from 2006–2014 are back online at the Bay Guardian archives, and you can search the archive at this link. Also, take a look at our Issuu account for searchable PDFs of our most recent issues.

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The 2014 REF was carried out by the UK's higher education funding bodies, and the results used to allocate research funding from 2015/16.