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Wizards can take a familiar feat as a bonus feat, and witches can select a familiar feat in place of a hex.If you lose your familiar and gain a new familiar that doesn’t meet the listed prerequisites for a familiar feat you possess, your new familiar doesn’t gain the benefits of that feat.Archon Style Archon Diversion Archon Justice Ascetic Style Ascetic Strike Ascetic Form Boar Style Boar Ferocity Boar Shred Brute Style Brute Stomp Brute Assault.Bulette Charge Style Bulette Leap Bulette Rampage Crane Style Crane Wing Crane Riposte Cudgeler Style Cudgeler Sweep Cudgeler Takedown Deadhand Style Deadhand Initiate Deadhand Master Djinni Style Djinni Spirit Djinni Spin Dragon Style Dragon Ferocity Dragon Roar Dwarven Hatred Style Dwarven Seething Dwarven Fury Earth Child Style Earth Child Topple Earth Child Binder Efreeti Style Efreeti Stance Efreeti Touch Elven Battle Style Elven Battle Focus Elven Battle Torrent Empty Quiver Style Empty Quiver Flexibility Empty Quiver Flurry Fox Style Fox Insight Fox Trickery Grabbing Drag Grabbing Master Grabbing Style Illusive Gnome Style Illusive Gnome Bewilderment Illusive Gnome Surprise Jabbing Dancer Jabbing Master Jabbing Style Janni Style Janni Tempest Janni Rush Kirin Path Kirin Strike Kirin Style Kitsune Style Kitsune Tricks Kitsune Vengeance Kobold Style Kobold Flood Kobold Groundling Kraken Style Kraken Throttle Kraken Wrack Kyton Style Kyton Shield Kyton Cut Linnorm Style Linnorm Vengeance Linnorm Wrath Maddening Style Maddening Strike Maddening Obliteration Mantis Style Mantis Wisdom Mantis Torment Marid Style Marid Spirit Marid Coldsnap Mobile Bulwark Style Mobile Fortress Mobile Stronghold Monkey Style Monkey Moves Monkey Shine Orc Fury Style Orc Rampage Orc Snarl Outslug Style Outslug Sprint Outslug Weave Overwatch Style Overwatch Vortex Overwatch Tactician Owl Style Owl Swoop Owl Dive Panther Style Panther Claw Panther Parry Perfect Style Unblinking Flame Feint Unblinking Flame Fist Unfolding Wind Rush Unfolding Wind Strike Untwisting Iron Skin Untwisting Iron Strength Pummeling Bully Pummeling Charge Pummeling Style Shaitan Style Shaitan Skin Shaitan Earthblast Shield Gauntlet Style Shield Gauntlet Attack Shield Gauntlet Master Slipslinger Style Slipslinger Grenadier Slipslinger Bombardment Smashing Style Smashing Dent Smashing Crush Snake Style Snake Sidewind Snake Fang Snapping Turtle Style Snapping Turtle Clutch Snapping Turtle Shell Spear Dancing Style Spear Dancing Reach Spear Dancing Spiral Spring-Heeled Style Spring-Heeled Reaping Spring-Heeled Sprint Startoss Style Startoss Shower Startoss Comet Street Style Street Sweep Street Carnage Swift Iron Style Swift Refuge Swift Sprint Swordplay Style Swordplay Deflection Swordplay Upset Tatzlwyrm Claw Style Tatzlwyrm Grappler Tatzlwyrm Rake Tiger Style Tiger Claws Tiger Pounce Upsetting Shield Style Upsetting Strike Upsetting Vengeance Vanguard Style Vanguard Hustle Vanguard Ward Wolf Savage Wolf Style Wolf Trip Wyvern Fury Style Wyvern Sting Wyvern Wing Familiar feats can be taken by characters who have familiars that meet the listed prerequisites.For the Frenzied Berserker, the insanity of battle is like an addictive drug — they must constantly seek out more conflict to feed their craving for battle.Hit Die D12 Prerequisites Alignment: Any nonlawful. Feats: Cleave, Destructive Rage, Intimidating Rage, Power Attack.You can exchange only one feat in this way each time you gain a level.Critical Conduit Extra Item Slot Familiar Focus Familiar Spell Jumper Lithe Attacker Master of Your Kind Monstrous Companion Narrow Frame Spell Sponge Stable Gallop Sure Footed Valiant Steed Teamwork feats provide benefits to characters in specific circumstances.

(This latter effect is not cumulative with haste or other effects that grant additional attacks.) However, she also takes a –4 penalty to Armor Class and takes 2 points of nonlethal damage per round.In effect, you lose the old familiar feat in exchange for the new one.The feat lost can’t be a prerequisite for another feat you possess, and your familiar must meet the new feat’s prerequisites.Usually, two or more characters must have the same teamwork feat to use it.Ambush Squad (Combat) Alien Mindpaths (General) Allied Spellcaster Ally Shield (Betrayal) Amplified Radiance (General) Amplified Rage Artillery Team (Combat) Barrage of Styles (Combat) Basic Harmony Back to Back Betraying Blow (Combat) Blades Above and Below (Combat) Bonded Mind (General) Broken Wing Gambit (Combat) Brutal Grappler (Combat) Burn it Down!

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