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Assumption, average of 1/2 of retail price goes to shipping cost.

Therefore the minimum price of interstellar imported goods are 0 per kilogram.

Therefore if the cargo was available for free at the origin the minimum selling price at destination is 0,000 per ton, or 0 per kilogram.

The implication is that only very high value cargo can be profitably shipped interstellar.

A cargo jet can carry 50 tons so its purchase price is about million per ton of cargo capacity.

Assumption: starships are strictly orbit-to-orbit, they use space ferrys to transfer passengers and cargo between the starship and the planet.

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Merchant Starship Costs Assumption: starships in the interstellar empire are equivalent to present-day jet airliners.

Don't forget the entry in this website about Cargo Holds As mentioned below, if you want to play around with interstellar trading, or even try doing a full simulation (to do worldbuilding for creating the background of your new novel), I'd suggest getting a copy of GURPS Traveller: Far Trader.

Written with help from a real live economist, this allows one to model interplanetary and interstellar trade with equations and everything.

Therefore the starships will do fewer trips per year than airliners, so the starship passenger ticket price (and cargo waybill) will have to cover a larger share of the starship's yearly expense.

For comparison purposes we need an airliner's average cost of running, but the corporations are remarkably closed-lipped about that.

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